• 50 CentBaby By Me


"Baby By Me" is the official first single by US rapper 50 Cent from his fourth album Before I Self Destruct. It was commercially released on September 10, 2009.The song is produced by Polow Da Don and written by Ne-Yo and 50 Cent. Billboard has stated: "With its club synthesizers and Ne-Yo-aided chorus, the track is far more radio-friendly than his past attempts. But it's also the least distinctive. A song like "Baby by Me" that overtly reaches for a pop audience may put 50 Cent back on the airwaves, but it won't necessarily energize the rapper's core fans. At this point, they might be more receptive to hearing something outside the box."

Diggy Simmons and Khalil have freestyled over the beat in a remix called "Be My Baby'.The song contains a sample of "I Get Money" by 50 Cent himself.

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