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Preachers Son music video "Come On" was directed by award winning filmaker Vittoria Colonna and was shot in Dublin's legendary Welcome Inn; it tells the story of a renegade bride (Daniella Vanasco) wreaking havoc in a typical Dublin pub, the punters stare in disbelief as she misbehaves, provoking and teasing all in her path. Her newly wed husband (Lorcan Cranitch) eventually catches up with her....


Director and Concept -- Vittoria Colonna

Producer - Justine Doswell

Co- Producer - Vittoria Colonna

Director of Photography -- Cathal Watters

Assitant Director -- Margarita Corscadden

Focus Puller -- Josh Bourke

Camera Assitant -- Cathal O'Houlach�in

Costume | Stylist -- Chloe Arnold

Costume | Styliste assistant- Shelley Voom

Make Up & Hair - Leayah Kelli & SJ Wai

Stanby Props and Set Dressing -- Jeff Dolan

Making Off/ Behind the scenes of video - Barry Gibbons & Pulse College team

Runners - Richie Kenrick, Adam Browne, Stefano Rolando

Stills photography -- Declan English

Location - Welcome Inn, Dublin- John Fitzpatrick

Unit Base - Fibber Magees

Transport -- Mike Bartlett

Editor -- Derek Pelly and post production @ Reelgood

Band: Brian Hogan, C�it O'Riordan, Davy Blythe, Tabby Callaghan and Jonny Field.

Bride -- Daniela Vanasco

Groom -- Lorcan Cranitch

Jealous Woman-- Melissa Nolan

Jealous Womans boyfriend-- Matthew Ralli

Barman -- Mike Bartlett

Bargirl -- Blue Ruin

Bouncer -- Shane McCabe


Anthony Doyle

Carol Augusta

Chiara Haughney

Colm Rooney

Damian Byrne

Deirdre Hadad

Fergal Fitzgerald

Frank Cannon

Geraldine Guy

John JJ

Leayah Kelli

Liza Cox

Mairead Howard Heerkens

Marie Curtin

Mary Curtain

Niamh Wynne

Paddy Behan

Patrick Behan

Patrick Byrne

Paul Mahon

Robin Graham

Rodrigo Rodrigues

R�on O Farrell

SJ Wai

Stefano Rolando

Sylvia Whelan

Thomas Noonan Ganley

Timurcin Leflef

Tony Mulgrew

Will McGrath

Big big thanks to everyone that jumped aboard this ship and took part Nov 28th 2011 - you all made it a reality and you rock, we salut you! Thanks Farah Abushwesha, to AM/PM Prop Hire Ltd and Anna Rackard, Steven Davenport for the screens, John for his Welcome Inn and hospitality, Rionach N� Neill for pitching this to her Macushla Dance Club and Marc Urselli for bringing the song to life! Come On was recorded in Grouse Lodge studios in West Meath - thanks to all the gang at Grouse Lodge! Also thanks to Simon Francis at Wired Masters

PREACHERS SON - http://www.preachersson.com | info@preachersson.com | +353874190371

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