• David BowieWhere Are We Now?

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It's been over 10 years and he's back with a bang David Bowie released a new single and video for Where Are We Now on his 66th birthday. Followed by a new album 'The Next Day' which will be released in March 2013 and is produced by Tony Visconti. We celebrate the David Bowie history of songs in our blog post David Bowie New Songs The music video for Where Are We Now features an artists studio, shots of Berlin. David Bowie spent alot of his earlier career in Berlin and the video celebrates his time there. The feature shot depicts headshots of David Bowie as a puppet alongside a female artist. David Bowie has sold an estimated 140 m albums in the UK and first rose to fame with Space Oddity in the UK. Throughout his career Bowie has been known for his innovation with music and the associated music videos. He continues to innovate at 66 with his new single and video for Where are we now. A true music legend and icon.

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