• Blind ProphetSkeleton Key (Unknown Remix)

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Skeleton Key is track 03 from the EP "Skeleton Key EP" which is available on L2S Recordings.


This is an official audio stream from L2S Recordings. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

Blind Prophet returns to L2S with 2 fresh tracks and 2 hot remixes!

First up is title track "Skeleton Key" utilizing panning techniques to excellent effect, rolling bongos, lush pads and melodies creating a hugely atmospheric opener. "Got Me Thinking" follows with intricate 2 step beats and bass, with a simply out of this world lead that twists, turns and bends throughout! Next we have the Unknown remix of "Skeleton Key", taking the original and giving it a year 3000 grime meets garage vibe, Unknown transforms the track into a bass fuelled space trip for the 3am crowd! Finally is the HGLDT remix of "Got Me Thinking", slowing things down for the final track on the E.P, HGLDT goes all percussive, with an insistent pulsing bassline that just wont stop, deep pads and techy arrangement rounding the E.P off perfectly.

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