• Arbor LiveArbor Live TV Show Episode 7 Trailer

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Wab Kinew, a classic native rapper with a powerful message, decides to lay down some new freestyle on the Arbor Live crew - driving Eric nuts!! Also nu-metal heavy rocking by Dreadnaut plus the powerful and intense Grammy Award winner Bill Miller.

Watch this episode of ARBOR LIVE on Saturday April 18 at 7 PM EST/MT on APTN East/West in Canada.

This episode also airs on Sunday April 19 at 8 PM CT on APTN North and Wednesday April 22 at 7 PM ET on APTN HD.


Rock guitarist Stevie Salas hosts ARBOR LIVE, a high energy and fast paced music variety TV show featuring emerging Aboriginal artists alongside today’s global super stars. Join Stevie, comedic director “Steelbird” and his "assistant," real life movie star Eric Schweig, as they present these incredible live performances, in-depth artist interviews and hilarious comedic back stage antics with featured artists.

More info at www.arborlive.tv and www.myspace.com/arborlive

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