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This is a music video shot by me and some of my friends for a local hip hop act. I Co- Directed this video with my old classmate Hiro Hasegawa. Since we had little to know equipment and no money only for food to feed people, we only used two locations. Which was a neighbor of the artist's house. We compensated for not having a lot of lights by giving the video a film noir look. We used Literally two lights. Since we knew we had very little production design we chose to shoot the video in Black and White, and have a splash of color in the video. The green in the video represents greed of the characters in the video. The green is exposed while their around money or talking about it and women. Things the lust. The other color we chose to use was red. The red represents rage and lust in the video. Towards the end of the video the red is exposed when the main characters are about to have a confrontation with the enemies in the pool room. For have only money for food for the my 4 person crew, I think the video came out very nice for what we had to work with.

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