• SwordsLive at Troubadour Transmission (Special / Black Balloon)

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Swords - Live at Troubadour Transmission (Internet TV Series)

Recorded live at Troubadour Rehearsal Studios: http://www.troubadour.ie

Featuring tracks: Special & Black Balloon

Request Swords Black Balloon on radio stations: http://swordsband.com/Request-Black-Balloon.156.1.aspx

Buy Black Balloon: http://swordsband.com/Buy-Black-Balloon.4.1.aspx

Visit: http://swordsband.com/


Diane Anglim - Vocals, Keys, Synth

Jarlath Canning - Bass, Synth, Loops, Guitar

Ian Frawley - Drums, Loops

Black Balloon EP:

Produced, Recorded, Mixed by Karl Odlum

Mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Adam Nunn

Recorded at Tigh Ri Na Rua Cottage, Wicklow

All Tracks Written By Diane Anglim, Jarlath Canning, Ian Frawley

All Tracks Copyright of Swords

Thanks from Swords to the talented Troubadour Transmission film crew.

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