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  • ZHUFaded (Official Video)

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ZHU - Faded (Official Video) out on 14th July.

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ZHU's bio could be extremely short and report just a couple of phrases that seem to fully describe this mysterious producer.

Music is faceless. Let my music tell my story.

"Faded" seemingly came out of nowhere. ZHU (pronounced "Zoo") is an anonymous producer from LA. He dropped "Faded" on his Soundcloud page and in less than two weeks reached close to 200,000 spins. Right now it almost reached 3 millions and already achieved Platinum Record status in Australia, #1 iTunes Overall single and #1 Most Shazamed Song. (And the debut album, The Nightday EP, also reached #1 in Australia and #3 Dance in the United States.) "Faded" is a deep, dark house track with haunting vocals, that quickly earworms its way into your subconscious -- irreversibly. Pete Tong (together with all the BBC Radio1 crew), The Magician, Skrillex, Dyro are some of the many celebrated victims of "Faded". A lot of theories explaining who is hidden behind this track were made. The certain thing is that we are talking about a guy who is the producer and also the terrific singer of "Faded".

The video has been filmed in the Montemarte districts' subterranean Social Club in Paris and directed and edited by ZHU. It has a lovely monochromatic taste able to capture the right creative vibe of this alluring and irresistible song.

Baby, I'm wasted, all I wanna do is drive home to you. Baby, I'm faded, all I wanna do is take you downtown baby.

It's simply tremendous.



"You're going to be hearing a lot more from him in 2014" -- Pete Tong

"Gunna be biiigggggggg!" -- Skrillex

"ZHU is quickly emerging as a rose amongst thorns" -- The Guardian

"The music gods have blessed us with ZHU" -- Vibe

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