• KILL ALLEN WRENCHI Want To Date A Porno Star

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Kill Allen Wrench

I Want To Date A Porno Star LIVE 2005

Live at Weinheim (Cafe Central) Germany

My Bitch Is A German Junky Tour 2005)

Just in case you accidentally stumbled in here, here's what, punk rock supergroup...

Kill Allen Wrench is all about: heroin, methampetamines, pot smoking, needles, punk rock, poping pills, heavy meta, prostitution, beating our girlfriends and wives, exploitation of every groupie we can get our hands on, pornography, hidden cameras, public nudity, satanic worship and recruitment, drunk driving, superstardom, and last but not least ... alcoholism !!

Out now on Wanker Records: Kill Allen Wrench - 'Mom, i'm fucking the plumber' 7"EP & Kill Allen Wrench - 'My Bitch Is A Junky' 12"LP





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