• King CreosoteCoast On By

On 27th April 2009, Domino will release Coast on By, the first single taken from King Creosotes new album, Flick The Vs (released on 20th April 2009).

King Creosote explains here how the song came about:

"It's all well and good when a pal offers to work on and record one of your songs, but when that pal is Steve Mason (Beta Band, King Biscuit Time, Black Affair) then up goes the ante. With album Flick the Vs well under way, and with no sign yet of a contender for the 3 minute pop hit thereon, I arrived chez Mason clutching a string of uneven verses each spitting out some facet of the tour-tired "leave me alone to my small village" blues. There followed 3 happy accidents:

- During the run thru' Steve muttered "is that it?" in such a tone of voice that, in fear of ridicule, I ad-libbed a positive sounding one line mantra to the end of take one.

- Whilst I made the tea, Steve "lost" my original guitar take and mistook my ad-libbed mantra for "the hook".

- A bungled cut n paste somehow morphed a duff bridge into a blinding chorus - three times?!

And that's it - the precise art of song craft lies in the choice of "Coast On By" over the more accurate title "two grumpy old men realise that, together, they've created the very monster both have spent entire careers baiting, only for it to sneak up and bite them in unbridled joy".

Directed by John Maclean



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