Tesla is track 01 from the EP "Una Strana Sabbia Brucia Le Mie Carni" which is available on Shabu Recordings.


This is an official audio stream from Shabu Recordings. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

SHAVA02 - Una Strana Sabbia Brucia Le Mie Carni (italian for «A Strange Sand Burning Down My Flesh») is our way to celebrate our two years of life. August 9 being the release date of SHA001, we feel that this compilation is an excellent way to celebrate the remnants of the summer.

This sweet journey starts off with Angelo Battilani's «Tesla». «Tesla» feels that moment when you wake up on a sunny day in the middle of the mountains or that feeling you get from walking down a beach eating an ice cream. That little moment of blissful purity you enjoy with a smile on your face.

Though, «More Human» by Imre Kiss and S Olbricht is really really hard to put it into words. We really recom- mend that you go to your nearest park, lay down, put your headphones onto your ears, close your eyes and play that one. Then, you will get it. Are you doing it yet? Good.

Shabu regular Niccolò Bianchi comes back with «Turdus Merula» which sounds like a rave party that you discover in the middle of a jungle. At first, it has that dark myste- rious feel to it but when it unfolds into its real form, you clearly understand every second of it and you just can't help yourself but to see where it goes next.

Shabu also welcomes the debut release of a Budapest- based talented newcomer named Seres. His piece titled «Rehearsal Room» is quite explicit on what it feels like : you're stuck in a moment of creativity where you feel one with your instruments for many hours and when you get out of it, you feel dizzy and you have no clue what happened.

And finally, last but not least, «Marmer» by Amateur Music's co-owner Sigward in collaboration with Maarten Emanuel Stok. «Marmer» is that hazy sun in a really hot day where you have to travel to new places for an adventure on the road. It's omniscient, it's noisy and hot but it also feels gipsy and moving. It's a sweet mix of acoustic and electronic instruments with a little spice of Kosmiche Rock on top.

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