• Artvark Saxophone Quartet feat. Claron McfaddenOde to a Mouse (Verses 1 and 2 )

Ode to a Mouse (Verses 1 and 2 ) is track 10 from the album "Sly Meets Callas (feat. Claron Mcfadden)" which is available on Zennez.


This is an official audio stream from Zennez. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

Artvark Saxophone Quartet plays original compositions and arrangements written by the members, which demonstrate the versatility and originality of Rolf Delfos, Bart Wirtz, Mete Erker and Peter Broekhuizen. The quartet plays with great agility and move around the stage: all music is played by heart and some of it is quite complex, we can tell you! This gives an extra dimension to the music, since they can concentrate on the moment, the audience and on each other, which opens up new possibilities everytime they play.

The classical soprano Claron McFadden belongs to the very top of the bussiness. Her working range is fenomenal, from Händel to modern opera to John Cage. Apart from that she is a big Sly Stone fan and loves to sing the blues. With Artvark she enters a different world: chamber music on the borderline of Ellington and Ravel with a touch of Edgar Allen Poe.

The voice as instrument and the saxophone as voice. 'Sly Meets Callas': music specially written for this collaboration and the debut of Claron McFadden as lyricist. Four gentlemen and a diva meander through various traditions and move while playing across the stage in an improvised choreography

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