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lyrics for We're Pirates - Arrrggg! by AUDIO WEAPON.

Well we sailed the bounty main searching for fame

And will sink anything in the kings name

We'll all have a locker down with Davey Jones

Becuase we fly the skull and cross bones

Cause we're pirates arrrgg

Cause we're pirates arrrgg

Cause we're pirates arrrgg

Shiver me timbers

I wear a rag because I'm bald

My sire was 19 when he was keel hauled

My mother was 16 a strapin young lass

She got 20 lashes tie her to the mizzen mast

Never you'll be knowin from hence came

We bear the jolly roger as our only name

We'll do anything for a jamacan rum keg

Because our captain he have a wooden leg

We have many a chest of golden dubloons

We buried them deep on the east lagoon

And never you'll be seein so many pieces of eight

And if you be squakin you're gonna be shark bait

Fought a Man O War and how fast she sank

Then we gets the captain and makes him walk the plank

We'll go down in legend and so they say

But me and the parrot wouldn't have it any other way

Audio Weapon 2013 all rights reserved


edited from public domain videos

Rybird Music http://rybird.com

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