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'Levels' by Sweedish house DJ Avicii, was first posted on Youtube in March 2011, where it became a massive worldwide hit, before the official track was released in October that year. It quickly became hugely popular, making the Top Ten in charts all over the world and reaching #1 in severaral European countries.


This exctremely funny video for the very catchy, up-beat dance track 'Levels,' stars a nerdy office worker as he starts his day in the aptly named "Le7els Inc". As he's piled with wok and documents, he suddenly begins twitching one arm, scrawling the name 'Avicii' everywhere, with this soon turning into a full body rave.


His shocked co-workers look on as he busts out some outrageous moves in time with 'Levels' pulsing beat, jumping on desks and showing some impressive fast-moving feet. Even after he's strapped down to a hospital bed, he continues to shake and move, and his dancing becomes contagious. The video finishes with everyone from the office and the hospital having caught on to the tune and dancing like crazy.


The middle of the song also dips into a sample of the late Etta James' 1963 'Something Got A Hold On Me'. This powerful bit of soul really adds to the song and the lyrics "Ooh Oh sometimes, I get a good feeling" have since been used in several other tracks, most notably Flo Rida's 'Good Feeling'.


Written and produced by Avicii, 'Levels' was his first major hit, after he'd previously collabrated with established artits such as David Guetta and Sebastian Ingrosso.

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