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EELS: LIVE At Royal Albert Hall

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Today MUZU.TV offers you four gorgeous tracks by a legendary indie rock band EELS from the iconic UK venue Royal Albert Hall. Eels is an American alternative/acoustic indie rock band formed by singer Mark...

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Iconic In Focus: The Troggs

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This Day In Music: Videos on MUZU.TV. MUZU.TV has teamed up with Neil Cossar from This Day In Music to tell us a story about music player’s development back in the 70s from the...

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Spring of 1964: Chuck Berry’s first UK tour

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The 5 Hottest Rock Stars From the 60s

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Have you ever thought about the hottest singers nowadays? Jared Leto? Adam Levine? Or maybe Justin Timberlake? Going back to 1960s you can find out that artists were different but still unbelievably amazing and...

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5 of The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll hits from the 1950s

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We have a wide range of classic music content on MUZU.TV, today we want to remind you how Rock’n’Roll started in the 1950s. The best artists. The best songs. Take your time and dig...

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5 Sticky Fingers Facts: The Rolling Stones Iconic ‘Dirty Rock’ Album

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The Rolling Stones – Brown Sugar on MUZU.TV. On 23rd April 1971, 44 years ago one of the great albums in rock‘n’roll history was released. We are talking about Sticky Fingers, the 11th studio...

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5 New Music Videos to Watch This Week

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The MUZU catalogue has loads of the newest video clips that have arrived from all over the world. Having been picked by our editors today, here are 5 the most gripping new release videos...

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5 Songs We Know You Like

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MUZU has a catalogue of over 250,000 video clips. If you dig deep you will find some wonderful content to enjoy from way back in the 1960s up to this day. Our editors have...

Seen It All Jake Bugg – Music Video 5

Seen It All Jake Bugg – Music Video

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Jake Bugg Seen It All has a refreshingly alternative sound which is taking the UK by storm. Jake was nominated in the Best British Breakthrough category at the 2013 BRIT Awards, however he lost...

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Rihanna – Stay Music Video (featuring Mikky Ekko)

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We have an exclusive look at the new Rihanna ‘Stay’ music video featuring Mikky Ekko. Stay is the second single taken from Rihanna’s new album ‘Unapologetic’. The music video is cut-back in style compared...