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Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 to 11-Year-Old Fan Battling Cancer

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Cover Video - Taylor Swift donates $50k to cancer-suffering fan on MUZU.TV. In act of true altruism and love, Taylor Swift has donated a life-changing $50,000 to help pay for the medical expenses of a young fan battling with leukaemia. The 'Shake It Off' singer's money will help pay for the 11-year-old's 6 to 9…
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Presenting Dave Grohl’s Awesome Foo Fighters’ Throne – In Pictures

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Foo Fighters - All my life - Live at Wembley Stadium on MUZU.TV. Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl has returned to the stage this weekend with a huge throne made out of guitar necks and lasers. The inspiration behind the awesome design? He was "high as a fucking kite". Grohl broke his leg on June…
Beyonce Sued for Nuisance by Neighbour 23

Beyonce Sued for Nuisance by Neighbour

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Beyonce faces legal action from a Hollywood Hills resident who claims the singer and her film crew "invaded his neighbourhood" while filming her latest video 'Why don't you love me?' in the Mount Olympus area of Los Angeles. Philip Morkowitz claims that he was disturbed from his sleep at 7am by the pop superstar and…
News: The Killers, Amy Winehouse and Beyonce 0

News: The Killers, Amy Winehouse and Beyonce

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The Killers played a surprise gig, Amy Winehouse wins another award and Beyonce's cop outfit confuses people looking for real pol-ice. ITN - Mon 10 Nov - Music news on MUZU.