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Anyone who used to watch The Streets’ Beat Stevie videos on YouTube or Channel 4 or was familiar with his label, The Beats, probably wondered what became of that talented, charismatic bunch of artists. Well, our boy Example has finally been getting some big recognition, Mike Skinner put out another album as The Streets, The Mitchell Brothers…erm…not sure what happened to those fellas….but what about Professor Green, the talented rapper and the most straight-up hip-hop head of them all?

With a knack for slick wordplay and a style that combines the best elements of both the US and the UK, it was clear he had, as they say, “mad skills” – but it wasn’t clear what lay ahead for him. Now with a damn catchy bit of pop burning up the charts (the INXS-sampling I Need You Tonight) and an album of more serious, darker rap forthcoming, he could well be the guy to fill Plan B’s shoes – now that he’s decided to go all blue-eyed soul. But that’s not fair on Pro Green – has got a different flavour entirely. The humour’s there – it’s not all doom and gloom. As you will see…

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