• AviciiI Could Be The One [Avicii vs Nicky Romero]

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Check out the latest house tune by Sweedish producer and DJ Avicii, who collaborates with Dutch DJ Nicky Romero this time round, on 'I Could Be The One.' With vocals from Noonie Bao, a Sweedish singer who remains uncredited in the title, the track stormed to the #1 spot in the UK charts when it debuted on 17th Februaury 2013. It had had huge success in Scandanavia too, having been released there on 26th December.


The video itself tells a great story, featuring an ordinary, middle aged office worker. Unhappy with her stressfull job, uneventful life and boring routine, she lies awake at night, wondering how she let her life end up like this. We see her dreams of exotic holiday destinations, beautiful young men and a party lifestyle, as he parades aound, "not giving a...".


When she realizes these things are all in her head, she finally breaks down, going on a rampage through her office and giving society 'the finger'. The repeated lyrics of "I could be the one to make you feel that way, I could be the one to set you free," back this up really well. 


'I Could Be The One's hilarious video is similar to the one for Avicii's smash-hit 'Levels,' which sees a geeky employee start dancing uncontrolably through his office.


'I Could Be The One' sticks to Avicii's unique prog-house style that's been making waves across Europe in the past few years. In his on-going effort to shake up the dance scene, his latest track, his first with another DJ of his kind, breaks away from the chart-pleasing, screeching beats of the rest of the field, and 'I Could Be The One' has a much smoother feel to it.

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