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In this example we are going to talk a little bit about jazz. I really enjoy jazz music and learning about this particular style. I think it is very important to learn as many different styles as you can. What is really awesome about doing this is you start to hear some of these jazzier influences in your rock playing! I think by learning all of these different styles your brain and soul start to fuse them together. This will eventually help to create your own unique style. We start this rhythm with some finger-style. The technique I talk about here will help to give you a smoother backing style rhythm. Use your thumb and fingers to grip and pop the notes. This creates a very piano style sound, so take your time and apply this to all the different keys. I also brush upon moving these chords to other parts of the fretboard. This will help to give you a different sound and some movement to the song. Also be sure to check out musicians such as: Chick Corea and Bela Fleck to hear their latin jazz influence!!

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