• Vic Ruggiero feat. Lisa MillerLonely Nights

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Mister "I wrote those songs because I could not afford a shrink" Ruggiero has returned to the couch i.e. the recording studio. Although besides his main occupation - singer of the New York ska institution The Slackers - he's got numerous side projects like playing organ for Rancid, he found time this summer to record a new solo album in Berlin. Its main theme: Love. It's called: "Something In My Blindspot" - because that's where there is always something unexpected waiting...

This time, Vic Ruggiero was joined in the studio by Lisa for a couple of sweet and strange duets. Lisa is the singer of the geman ska-swing-band "Black Cat Zoot". Two songs are accompanied by the romanian brass band Fanfara Kalashnikov.

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