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Back with a bang for 2010, Maelstrom serves up their first tasty slab of ripped electronic pop beats for the new decade in the form of club anthem Remady - No Superstar.

Starting his career as a solo artist in 1995, Remady soon got the bug for house music via his love for drum and bass and UK Garage. DJing with a friend, PLAYER & REMADY was born and the pair soon became popular on the club circuit, frequently playing Ministry of Sound, the famed Arena Club in Kiev and Moscow’s Fabrique to name a few. Meanwhile, Remady’s productions and DJ skills grew in demand releasing 7 chart-topping compilations, 1 solo album and 3 highly successful singles in his native home of Switzerland.

Maelstrom are pleased to release No Superstar, Remady’s funk fuelled electronic workout that has HIT written all over it. Already achieving chart success in various parts of the world, No Superstar has already gone to No.1 all over the European dance charts not to mention the video receiving a staggering 2 million plus views on YouTube alone!

Available in a whole host of flavours from Calvertron’s wonky bassline, Daz Bailey’s progressive touch, Danny Dove & Steve Smart’s punchy electro cut, Mr Pink’s anthemic take and Ugo Platana’s old skool funk re-rub, there’s a cut to satisfy most tastes alongside the Radio Edit and Original Mix.

After the massive success of Guru Josh Project Infinity 2009, watch Remady follow in the footsteps to become the next Maelstrom dancefloor anthem.

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