• Official ChartsNile Rodgers chats about Daft Punk's Get Lucky

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Nile Rodgers would be the first to admit he's had a pretty amazing 2013 so far. Not content with topping the chart with his Daft Punk collaboration Get Lucky, he's also played Glastonbury, worked on tracks with dance behemoths Avicii and David Guetta, and is enjoying an unrivalled pop comeback.

Get Lucky is, of course, the feelgood smash of the year that's gone on to sell a million copies. Last time we saw Nile, he told OfficialCharts.com the track is more special to him than any other Number 1 because it was his first after being diagnosed with cancer two years ago.

We caught up with the king of Chic on the set of Channel 4's Sunday Brunch when we presented him with his Official Charts Number 1 Award. In our latest video interview, Nile admits he's still wowed by all the love for the track. "We never ever in a million years, no matter what anyone else tells you, expected it to do what it's done," says the disco legend. "The success and acceptance by the public is off the charts." Or rather very much on the Charts, Nile -- you were in the Top 10 for three months!

Nile Rodgers also chats to OfficialCharts.com about what inspired him to put Chic together and what happened the first time he met fellow Daft Punk collaborator and superfan Pharrell Williams at the Grammys.

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