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Julia Stone official music video for ‘It’s All OK’. ‘It’s All OK’ is a song performed by Julia Stone. Australian singer Julia Stone has released a new music video for her latest single “It’s All Okay” from her forthcoming solo album entitled ‘By The Horns’ released on 29 May 2012. In the official music video, the Aussie singer (brother of Angus Stone) is shrouded in shadows for most of the time, however her distinctive light and potent warble is still very recognizable. She makes overcoming the deepest, darkest, most haunting heartbreak look easy as she strolls through the night and into a brighter future. Known for her work as part of Australian sibling duo ‘Angus & Julia Stone’ who began their recording career back in 2005 and have followed up with six EPs and two albums ‘A Book Like This’ and ‘Down The Way’ to their name. Their music is a unique blend of indie-folk and acoustic blues music with harmonious vocal lines and distinct lyrics. The Sydney Morning Herald's Bernard Zuel described Julia and Angus’ respective vocals as such: "Her voice has a fractured feel like Jolie Holland; his has a smoke-on-the-beach drawl." Whereas UK journalist Johnny Sharp of Mojo stated, "Most impressive, though, are the songs – simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements. Resistance is surely futile." ‘It’s All OK’ finds the female half of Angus and Julia Stone stepping out of the shadows to define herself as a unique artist in her own right.

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