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tUnE-yArDs official music video for ‘My Country’. ‘My Country’ is a song performed by tUnE-yArDs. Following on from her excellent music video releases for ‘Bizness’ (an outstanding and wonderful track) and ‘Gangsta’ from her sophomore album WHOKILL, Merrill Garbus returns with her trademark quirky style and powerful set of lungs on this new song ‘ My Country’. There’s facepaint, kids kicking out the jams with adult-sized instruments, things hanging from the ceiling and a whole lot of hairy-head-shaking. Garbus has always been an experimentalist ever since she exploded onto the scene with debut album ‘BiRd-BrAiNs’, firing out epic indie songs with lo-fi DIY recordings, distorted ukulele, hip-hop beats and THAT voice. Tracks like ‘Sunlight’, ‘Hatari’, ‘Fiya’ and ‘News’ established Garbus not only as a free-spirited expressive feminist but also as a very talented songwritier with a knack for quirky hooks and of course her larger-than-life singing voice. ‘My Country’, like all of the songs on WHOKILL build on Merrill Garbus’ foundation of creative joyful abandon but develop her sound into something more easy on the ear with the Lo-Fi tininess replaced with proper studio recordings, allowing tUnE-yArDs listeners a chance to appreciate the songs on their own merit and not for their quirks. For Garbus, androgyny in pop is empowering. It enables gender to be explored, subverted and recast, where women can reinvent who they are. "I adored [Nina] Simone when I first came across her, because she didn't fit any typical idea of the feminine voice" Garbus explained in an interview.

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