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  • Joe McElderry - Part of Me

    Part of Me

    Joe McElderry
  • Cheryl Cole - Screw You

    Screw You

    Cheryl Cole
  • Cheryl Cole - Under The Sun

    Under The Sun

    Cheryl Cole
  • Cheryl Cole - Call My Name

    Call My Name

    Cheryl Cole
  • The Police - Roxanne


    The Police
  • Cheryl Cole - Parachute


    Cheryl Cole
  • The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

    Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

    The Police
  • Maximo Park - Books From Boxes

    Books From Boxes

    Maximo Park
  • Sting - Desert Rose

    Desert Rose

  • Cheryl Cole - Behind the scenes of Promise This

    Behind the scenes of Promise This

    Cheryl Cole
  • Chris Rea - September Blue

    September Blue

    Chris Rea
  • The Police - Walking On The Moon

    Walking On The Moon

    The Police
  • Joe McElderry - Solitaire


    Joe McElderry
  • Sting - Brand New Day

    Brand New Day

  • Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive

    Ocean Drive

    Lighthouse Family
  • The Police - Synchronicity II

    Synchronicity II

    The Police
  • The Police - Every Breath You Take

    Every Breath You Take

    The Police
  • Joe McElderry - Time To Say Goodbye video

    Time To Say Goodbye video

    Joe McElderry
  • Mark Knopfler - Everybody Pays

    Everybody Pays

    Mark Knopfler
  • Lighthouse Family - Happy


    Lighthouse Family
  • Maximo Park - Girls Who Play Guitars

    Girls Who Play Guitars

    Maximo Park
  • Bryan Ferry And Roxy Music - Angel Eyes

    Angel Eyes

    Bryan Ferry And Roxy Music
  • Chris Rea - Steel River

    Steel River

    Chris Rea
  • Mark Knopfler - Cannibals


    Mark Knopfler
  • Sting - Fields Of Gold

    Fields Of Gold

  • Lighthouse Family - Lifted


    Lighthouse Family
  • Cheryl Cole - Fight For This Love (remix)

    Fight For This Love (remix)

    Cheryl Cole
  • Cheryl Cole - The Flood

    The Flood

    Cheryl Cole
  • Maximo Park - The Kids Are Sick Again

    The Kids Are Sick Again

    Maximo Park
  • Mark Knopfler - Darling Pretty

    Darling Pretty

    Mark Knopfler
  • Bryan Ferry - The Right Stuff

    The Right Stuff

    Bryan Ferry
  • Bryan Ferry - Let's Stick Together

    Let's Stick Together

    Bryan Ferry

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