This is the official music video for the song “Paradise” from British alt. Rock band Coldplay. “Paradise” was written by Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin and was produced by Markus Dravs, Dan Green and Rik Simpson.

The music video for “Paradise” was directed by Mat Whitecross and was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. The video was shot in the style of a Nature Documentary. The video features a man who is dresse as an elephant that escapes from a zoo in London “Paradise Wildlife park” and makes his way to South Africa. The elephant is played by the bands lead singer Chris Martin. While in South Africa we can see Chris wandering around Johannesburg, where he walks past Nelson Mandela Bridge and the railway tracks in Braamfontein. He then saves up roughly enough money to buy a unicycle. Shortly after, he comes across three other elephants, the other members of the band who are performing in the South African Grasslands. Towards the end of the video there is a transition that shows the Coldplay playing in concert. After their performance the video reverts back to the Grasslands and the “elephants” run towards the camera.

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