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Conor Maynard’s debut single for “Can’t Say No” which is released through EMI. The teenage singing sensation was discovered after building a large fanbase on YouTube after posting his own videos. The video for “Can’t Say No” was filmed in East London and was directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat. It sees the young star Conor Maynard clubbing with a number of girls, which ties in well with the theme of the song. In 2012, Conor Maynard was was named the winner of MTV's Brand New for 2012 competition which is quite an accolade, and from this he received ongoing endorsement and from MTV throughout the year. Receiving over 50% of the votes, he bet rivals Lana Del Rey and King Charles despite the fact Lana Del Rey has already topped the album charts across Europe. Conor Maynard cites his various influences as being Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Usher, Ne-Yo, Mario, Justin Timberlake, Anth (Anthony Melo), Jessie J. He is often compared to US star Justin Beiber.

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