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Official Dappy music video for No Regrets. No Regrets is a song performed by Dappy and featuring Brian May.

‘No Regrets’ is the lead solo single by the N-Dubz frontman and R&B singer Dappy and features on the artists debut album ‘Dare To Dream’. The song was released on 18 September 2011 and reached #1 in the UK singles chart. While N-Dubz was on a brief hiatus following the split with US label Def Jam, Dappy, his cousin Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer set out on solo projects. This version of No Regrets is a re-recording of the N-Dubz track and features Fazer, who plays piano on the cut. Dappy is well known for his role as the woolly chullo hat wearing N-Dubs frontman and also for his headline-grabbing controversial behaviour. Not known for pulling his punches, here Dappy tells all while citing references to popular culture phenomena The Kings Speech, The Italian Job and Back To The Future in his lyrics. The music video, directed by Benny Boom, was shot in L.A. and was released for viral content in September 2011. The video is split into four scenes and follows a time line, showing the star involved in gang trouble, boxing training and then on top or an LA skyscraper. The grime star is in flying form on hit single ‘No Regrets’, with fast rhymes and anthemic gospel chorus adding to the vibe.

Dappy’s Debut album ‘Dare To Dream’ features other hit singles ‘Rock Star’ featuring legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and ‘Dare to Dream’.

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