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Official Dappy music video for Rock Star. Rock Star is a song performed by Dappy and featuring Brian May.

'Rockstar' is a track taken from Dappy's debut solo album Dare To Dream and was released on 26 February 2012. While his London-based grime/R&B/hip-hop group N-Dubz was briefly on hiatus in 2011, Dappy and the other members Tulisa Contostavlos and Fazer embarked on solo projects, the former re-recording a solo version of hit single ‘No Regrets’ featuring Fazer. Brian May features on the N-Dubz rapper's new single Rock Star after the legendary Queen guitarist professed a liking a for Dappy’s solo single 'No Regrets'. The song maintains the head-bopping grime style of N-Dubz star’s former work but the rocking guitar riffs add a little more to the track and bring the song into new territory. The music video shows scenes of the rapper's rockstar lifestyle in-keeping with the tracks lyrics, the video also features footage of the Queen guitarist Brian May doing what he does best. The song got to #2 in the UK singles chart and #1 in the R&B chart. Dappy said that if the song were to make it to #1 in the UK Singles chart, he would recruit Rihanna and Adele to take up vocal duty on the next single form the album ‘Dare To Dream’.

Dappy (real name Costadinos Contostavlos) was born in Camden Town in North London and is best known for his role as frontman of R&B group N-Dubz. The vocalist is not without his controversy, and has a few run-ins with the law for misbehaviour. His trademark is the chullos hat (which has become known as the ‘Dappy Hat’) wearing them with one or both of the earflaps turned up.

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