'Heroes,' written by David Bowie and Brian Eno and produced by Bowie and Tony Visconti, was released first as a single in 1977 and later as the title track for his album of the same name.


Despite the track being released in several languages and subject to a huge promotional effort, it made no great impact on the chart at the time of release, only making #24 in the UK charts and not breaking into the US Billboard 100. However, more recently it has been widely acclaimed as a timeless classic, with 'Rolling Stone' and 'Q' magazines both placing 'Heroes' in their Top 100 Singles of All Time. He also performed it at both Live Aid in 1985 and at the Berlin Wall in 1987, and it has been covered many times, most recently as a charity single by the X-Factor finalists in 2010.


The song and album came from David Bowie's 'Berlin Period' of the 1970s. This particulr track features a couple who met to "kiss by the wall" each day, inspied by an affair that his back-up singer and producer Visconti, was having at the time.


The video, directed by Stanley Dorfman, is, in contrast to his often outrageous studio settings, very reserved. Bowie is shown on stage under a spotlight, swaying as he belts out the powerful lyrics, with the line "we could be heroes, just for one day" now world famous.


David Bowie has sold an estimated 140 m albums in the UK and first rose to fame with Space Oddity in the UK. Throughout his career Bowie has been known for his innovation with music and the associated music videos. He continues to innovate at 66 with his new single and video for Where Are We Now. A true music legend and icon.

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