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The progressive house track features vocals by Chris James. The song was inspired by by the 1950 short story "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury. Initially "The Veldt" was created during a 22-hour live streaming session in March 2012. Shortly after Chris James had released his own rendition of the song, which Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 found via Twitter. Impressed with Chris James’ vocal performance and the lyrical references to the Ray Bradbury story, It was confirmed that the official release of the song would include his vocals. A music video to accompany the song was released online 25th June 2012, the video was produced by Qudos Animations. Just as the song, the video is also based on "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury. The video stars of with two children entering "The Nursery", and running through a “savannah landscape” with lions and vultures. They boy begins climbing up a small mountain. He then suddenly finds his sister standing on the edge of a cliff. He pushes her off the edge and jumps off after her; they slide down and meet at the bottom. The video ends with the two children holding hands as a lion walks off in the distance, leaving behind and a trail of blood and broken glass, presumably their parents. The Veldt EP was released on24th June 2012, and includes the twelve-minute original mix of the song, remixes by Freeform Five and Tommy Trash, and an original song called "Failbait”. So far "The Veldt" has peaked at No. 24 on the Canadian Hot 100, No. 36 on Irish Singles chart, No. 16 on the UK Dancew chart and No. 68 on the UK Singles chart.

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