• Darrell RussRiding Home from Baltimore - KlubJumpers Extended Remix

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Darrell Russ, has come to put the town he loves, Frederick, Maryland on the map! With years of honing his craft in clubs at festivals, artist showcases and some of the most respected and successful record producers studios, Darrell Russ released Dont Remember Me, a three song EP that set the stage for a passionate, soulful singer who was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland to bring the world of entertainment disco, soul, country and R&B in one voice. Growing up about 45 miles west of Baltimore and 43 miles north of Washington, DC. His parents were both musically involved as his mother was a country western singer and his father a singer playing multiple instruments. Darrell Martin Russ was named after the famed line of Martin guitars being born into and named after music; Darrell Russ was destine to create and perform his art. When you get to experience Darrell live you will be and see how he captivates audiences with his high-energy stage performance and deep, soulful singing that connects from the first note he delivers.

When taken together "Riding Home from Baltimore" the remixes, his current release with 7 amazing remixes is simply the best remix album in years. If you have previously fallen in love with Darrell Russ this album is definately one to have. This very interesting and highly successful project that has gained worldwide popularity is an absolutely stunning mix of sounds in every tone and string! It's a state-of-the-art beauty that delivers exquisite melodic hooks and big room synths that are just out of this world. Riding Home from Baltimore is a very majestic track indeed. If you really like gyrating activity on the dance floor then your sure to be delighted with this remix album that includes the Grammy award winning Billboard chart producers Sam Michaels and Dan Mathews known as the KLUBJUMPERS who have had many remixes hit #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts through the years. Other remixes included are from Human Factor, Peter Tanico and JJ A

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