• Gabrielle AplinThe Power of Love

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This is the official music video for the song, ‘The power of love’ by British singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin.

This song was first covered by the British dance-pop band Frankie Goes To Hollywood, however Gabrielle Aplin was selected to soundtrack a John Lewis television advertisement with the cover of, ‘The power of love’.

The song was written by Peter Gill, Mark O’ Toole and Holly Johnson. Its producer was Trevor Horn.

It was released in November, 1984, was their third single and was taken from the album “Welcome to the Pleasuredome”. The genre of the song is pop rock.

The music video starts off with Gabrielle Aplin in a big white room playing the piano. The piano stands out from everything else as it is the only dark object in the room.

The video then shows an empty bedroom, a set of white spiral stairs and after that zooms in a on a cobweb outside an open window.

Gabrielle Aplin is the only person to be seen in the video which keeps it simple and lets us focus on her and her surroundings.

Towards the end of the video the white room is lit up with fancy lights; which gives the effect of a magical place.

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