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This is the official music video for the song “Something New” from English-Irish girl band Girls Aloud. “Something New” is the first single which is featured on Girls Aloud’s second greatest hits album. “Something New” was written by Brian Higgins, Wayne Hector, Tim Deal, Matt Gray and Carla Marie Williams and was produced by Xenomania.

“Something New” is Girls Aloud’s first single that they have released since their break-up in 2009. The song is the Children in Need’s official single of 2012. “Something New” is the latest example of a feminist themed “Girl Power” song since Destiny’s Child & The Spice Girls.

The music video was directed by Ray Kay and was shot in early October 2012. The video is fast-pased and transitions in and out of black-and-white and coloured scenes. We are shown clips of members of the band performing solo and then the video is intertwined scenes where the band abandons their various stages and they begin to dance together. The video is also inter-cut with the songs lyrics which have been developed in a motion graphic.

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