• Goldie Lookin ChainGuns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do (Video)

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Guns don’t kill people,Rappers do music video by goldie lookin chain. This rapping tune is from a Welsh rappers called goldie looking chain. Guns gont kill people rappers do is sung or rapped by 2hats, Maggot, Billy Webb, Eggsy, Mystikal, Mike Balls, Adam Hussain and Rhys. The song is wirtten by the grou[p its self. They group are all present when preforming on stage. And the group consits of 8 people named 2Hats, Maggot, Billy web, mystikal, Mike Balls, Adam Hussain and Rhys. The Nationality of these guys are welsh and live in Wales. They were in the top 20 in the uk charts and statyed there for about 3 weeks. There style of music is Hip Hop and Comedy hip Hop. ",,,,,,

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