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The Official video for "Easy Way Out" a song by Belgian-Australian singer and songwriter Gotye and is taken from his third studio album Making Mirrors. The Video was directed by Andrew Goldsmith, Darcy Prendergast and Jeremy Blode. The video was story boarded, painted and under-laid by Fiona Dalwood, Shaun Stares Nora Junker, Julia Sandri and James Bailey. Finally It was animated by Darcy and Seamus Spilsbuy along with Glenn Anderson, Andrew Goldsmith and Josh Thomas who assisted with motion control and other editing. The animated piece starts off where a man is running, away from what we do not know. As he runs it shows how his heart is being monitored. He has been captured by what he is running from [the truth], he is in a trance. Being tested seemingly by an alien life form, his emotions are tested as he tries desperately to seek down his lover. As he is injected while held captive; his “free” self in kind takes a pill. This gesture represents how he will never truly be free. As the video reaches an end we see him reach his love only to realise that she is what he has been running from: He accepts his faith. The sound was co-ordinated and developed by Ben Matthews and Wally DeBacker aka Gotye. Also the sampled track Echoette – Buddy Merrill licensed courtesy of Accent Records.

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