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The Official video for "Eyes Wide Open" a song by Belgian-Australian singer and songwriter Gotye and is taken from his third studio album Making Mirrors. The song was written and produced by Gotye and peaked a No. 55 in the Australian singles chart and reached No. 33 in Belgium. The video that accompanies this song was originally release October 25th 2010. The video that was used for Gotye’s Eyes Wide Open is an animated piece of film that is 3 minutes and 18 seconds long. It was directed at PictureDRIFT by Brendan Cook and features character animation that was designed by DeePee Studio’s Darcy Prendergast and animate-specific design by Jeremy Bianco, Darryn Rogers and Brendan Cook. The video is also credited by Wally DeBacker aka Gotye and Francois Tetaz. This Video was performed by: Cello; Gareth Skinner, Bass; Lucas Taranto, Guitar & Pedal; Michael Hubbard, Drums; Winton Musical Fence [along with sampling] and finally Gotye himself; Wally DeBacker.

Fun Fact… The Winton Musical Fence is a musical instrument installation consisting of five huge metal strings attached to fence posts, and connected to a wooden resonant chamber. The fence is located in Winton, Queensland. The bass line that underpins this ecologically themed song is made up of samples of Gotye playing The Winton Musical Fence which was recorded on his portable stereo recorder.

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