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Warning. This week's featured artist, Hafdis Huld, is liable to turn grown men into simpering, lovelorn pussycats. BBC 6's Phil Jupitus was particularly smitten. 'She's the maddest guest I've ever interviewed,' he once raved. 'I love her to bits.' And so say all of us.

Effortlessly kooky, sunny and endearing, Iceland's current elfin pop princess writes songs that are every bit as infectious as her giggle. The Sunday Times, no less, called Hafdis's first album (Dirty Paper Cup), 'musically original and deliciously bonkers', while The Guardian got it bang on when describing her voice, 'like Bjork crossed with Cerys Matthews on a diet of candyflosss.'

Dirty Paper Cup won Best Pop Album at the Icelandic Music Awards and the first three singles from Hafdis's second album, Synchronised Swimmers, have rocketed straight into Iceland's radio charts in top five positions. The album is currently on release as a limited edition CD, with each numbered copy signed by Hafdis herself. So get your orders in quick before the rest of the world sits up and takes notice, as it surely will.

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