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Wines: Getting the most out of your wine




It goes without saying that when we're out for dinner most of us spend a considerable amount of time pouring over the wine list. Some of us have become so wine obsessed that it even takes precedence over the food menu when we’re at a restaurant. But even if you know your claret from your Beaujolais and your wine knowledge is the envy of all your friends, you still may not be getting the most out of your bottle and surprisingly it could all be down to what you are drinking alongside your wine. How many times have you carefully picked out water when out for dinner? None? Well you wouldn't be alone. But the practice of 'water and wine harmonisation' is growing around the world, with even one of the world's top sommeliers Andreas Larsson now advising wine lovers on the best water and wine matches to bring out the flavour of your food. And just as picking the perfect wine can make or break a dish, Andreas believes sipping the right water can enhance even further the food we are eating.