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World Cup 2010: Powering England through the World Cup




Jon Fenn from the National Grid shows us just how much power we are going to demand during the World Cup and how they are going to keep it flowing. Two out of three people in England say they will be following the national team's progress on TV. Well over 70% say they will be watching England’s games at home or at a friend or relative's house rather than in the pub. At half time and full time this will trigger 'TV pick ups' - huge potential 1000 megawatt surges in power usage caused by millions of us almost simultaneously opening fridge doors to get another drink and, above all, by many millions more putting the kettle on, as, in that typically British way, we digest the drama over a cuppa. The further England progress in the tournament, the greater the spikes in demand will be. And it's up to the National Grid's highly experienced engineers at the Electricity National Control Centre in southern England to balance those sudden needs for electricity with the power being generated from power stations around the country.