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Nottingham born Jake Bugg (Jacob Edwin Kennedy, 18) shot to fame after appearances on The Jonathan Ross Show, later with Jools Holland and performing on 6music.


Jake's version of Lightning Bolt was aslo featured in the London Olympics 2012 build up to the 100m final.  Influenced by Bob Dylan his music fuses great folk and rock riffs to create a distinct and refreshing new sound.  Lightning bolt is featured on Jake's self titled debut album.


In a recent interview with The Guardian Music journalist Tim Jonze asks Jake "Do you think rock and roll has lost touch with the working class". Jake responds "Yeah it's a shame, becausse times are hard. My Mum was a single mum on the dole and a couple of years ago I was trying to get enough together for a pack of fags. It's hard to rely on being a musiciian right now, but you have to do what it takes". 

Mmm think his days of worrying about the price of a pack of fags are over. 

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