Going To See The Mrs is track 04 from the EP "BASH003" which is available on Styles Upon Styles.


This is an official audio stream from Styles Upon Styles. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

The third BANGERS & ASH 12" from NYC-based Styles Upon Styles instantiates our ethos behind the series - to discover and showcase a producer's dichotomous talent. Enter Zach Cooper, whose extraterrestrial dance music as kuxxan SUUM couldn't be more different from his avant-soul project with vocalist/drummer Victor DiMotsis as King Garbage. Thus BASH003 mirrors Cooper's internal divide: Ash consists of four King Garbage tunes, but the Bangers are all kuxx.

Zach and Vic open 003 with "Pins & Wheels", a thunderous, expansive lullaby that introduces the duo's aesthetic: distortion, echoes, whispers, and wails floating across muted chords and cavernous bass. "Telephone" strips to a sultry, downcast slice of soul music with a hook that'll linger, before "Green and Blue" bathes in coastal air, dissipating before the final tale of infidelity & lust, "Going to See the Mrs.", ends King Garbage's side.

Flip to the kuxx's Bangers: "Red Blambingo" claps like a madman alongside death-ray synths and bubbling turbulence, sputtering hyper-edited vocals from BK MC misterthumbs. "BK Klang" accelerates to lightspeed for a manic trip into the heart of an other-worldly rave: a planet spun off its axis and spiraling into a junglist meltdown. A pair of delirious, unstable portals to kuxxan's alien soundscapes, both calibrated for outer rim dancefloors.

Released as a limited run of 200 black & teal 12" records, each with a interstellar jacket design by SHVL FCE. A download card for 320 mp3's is included with every record. Digital sold via Bandcamp and other stores.

Mastered and cut by Helmut Erler at D&M in Berlin. Pressed at United Record Pressing in Tennessee.

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