• KodalineHigh Hopes



This is the official music video for “High Hopes” by the Dublin-based rock alternative band, Kodaline. They became known when their debut single "Give Me A Minute" topped the Irish Singles Chartl.  Kodaline have reached number 1 in Ireland with 'High Hopes' and are expected to reach top 10 in the UK week ending 25th March 2013.


Kodaline have also been included in BBC's sound of 2013 list and MTV's Brand New for 2013. Speaking about it, singer Steven Garrigan said, “It's great! It's an amazing feeling that people are getting behind you.”


This music video is bound to make you sob, smile and jaw-drop. It reflects the romantic solitude of the band's music. The band is unafraid to write epic tracks, tackling big subjects like life and love. The music video starts with actor Liam Cunningham trying to kill himself by gassing himself in a car. Then a women in a wedding dress runs over to him telling him to get out. Groups of man are also there and start to curse at him. Liam drives away with this woman.


There are a few scenes of them sharing memories together. They are walking on the beach and one of the men from the group shots them both with a gun. The next scene is of Liam lying on a hospital bed and cannot she the women. The last scene is him sitting in a wheelchair at the window and the women comes up behind him and hugs him.

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