• Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat. Wanz)

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'Thrift Shop' by Seattle-based rap artist Macklelmore and his producer Ryan Lewis, written by Ben Haggerty, was the fifth single release from his debut studio album 'The Heist'. It followed on from the success that his single 'Same Love' had had earlier in the year.


Released on 8th October 2012, it became the first independant-label song to reach #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in nearly twenty years. The track was a steady climber and topped charts charts in fourteen countries in Februaury 2013, after 16 weeks in the charts.


The name 'Thrift Shop' comes from Macklemore's own style of buying cheap, second hand clothes and still looking good. The lyrics show how he believes that he stays 'fresh' when wearing hand me downs and " taking it Grandpa style".


The start of the video shows him coming into a club wearing a "cold ass hunky" coat that he bought for 99 cents, and yet he's still surrounded by "leapord mink girls". As the video goes on, it follows him "huntin, looking for a get-up" in various charity shops. This line is sung in the chorus by American R&B singer Wanz, who is credited in the title.


The rapper himself thinks it's much better to be original and doesn't care about big brands or labels, with the lines "They be like oh! that Gucci, that's hella tight.  I'm like Yo! thats 50$ for a t-shirt".


A catchy hip-hop beat with an alternative rap that is in contrast to most of the materialistic industry at the moment, 'Thrift Shop' has been desribed by many critics as one of the most original and funny songs in recent times. It has also recieved much acclaim for gaining so much success as an independant.

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