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Song Written by James Keen

Produced & Arranged by Brian McCook

Recorded at CRC Studios, Chicago, IL

Engineered by Mat Lejeune

Additional recording at Beethoven Street Studios, London

Engineered by Joe Fields

Mixed & Mastered by Brian Moore at Red Booth Recording, Rochester, NY

Video Credits:

Directed by Tamas Mesmer

Filmed by Poom Saiyavath

Edited by Anna Meller


Don't let it show that you're minded to go as you await the results to come in

Stand aside or start the ride if you're ready to finally begin

Don't know if it's better to be a trend setter or go with the latest fad

To run interference or find the missing sequence from the dream that we all had


You know it's state of the art, the spec says it's top of the line

From what we can read it could be one of a kind

So don't dismiss or reject on a false pretext

With the crowd baying for blood saying "What's next?"

What's next?

Wiser men have spoken, the thermostat is broken, it's only a matter of time

So go into battle, ignore the tittle-tattle, just don't get caught at the scene of the crime

Turn on the lights, and take in the sights, and soak up the atmosphere

Gotta test the water, in each and every quarter, in order to take the true temperature


All too consumed by the rise and fall

You may hedge your bets but it's not so far-fetched after all


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