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Release Dates:

16.10.2013 ESP/SWE/NOR

18.10.2013 GAS/FIN & BENELUX

21.10.2013 UK/Rest of Europe

15.10.2013 USA/CAN

Considered one of the most creative, diverse, and hard-rocking of contemporary American bands, Monster Magnet is credited with pioneering "stoner rock". They're noted for the uniqueness of their sound, their authenticity as a band, their ability to grow musically, and the intelligence and wit of their songs.

Fusing garage rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, punk and psychedelia -- Last Patrol is Monster Magnet's tenth studio album and a testament to everything they stand for. In addition to musical influences, the band has always been inspired by comic book, science fiction, horror movies, and B-movies by filmmakers such as Roger Gorman and Russ Myer.

10th Studio Album from the Stoner Rock Pioneers

Directed by Tom Scharpling


Producers: Rob Hatch-Miller & Puloma Basu

Director Of Photography: Mike Rossetti

Production Designer: Bridget Rafferty

Cast: Samantha Lee Wilson, Samantha Keogh, Kaitlin Thomas & Kim Vogels

Assistant Camera: Doug Durant

Gaffer: Rommel Genciana

Key Grip: Ben Rutkowski

Hair & Makeup: Jess Coppa

Visual Effects: Russell Mack

Colorist: Mike Howell, Color Collective

Projections: Tim Cronin & Puddin Aylward

Production Assistants: Paul Morse, James Kenny & Sal Savo

Filmed at ShoreFire Recording Studios, Long Branch, NJ

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