• Dancefloor Outlaws feat. NattyFlow (Original)


Flow is track 03 from the EP "The Delusions EP" which is available on Subfunk.


This is an official audio stream from Subfunk. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

How best to describe the Outlaws first album to the uninitiated?

Let's start by asking you to imagine a musical melting pot surrounded by four demented anti-hero master chefs, each with a personal background of party starting, block rocking, kung fu hustling, crocodile wrestling and banjo twanging, tossing in a flurry of their own personal secret ingredients garnered from four lifetimes worth of beats, treats and animal teats. Picture Will Streetwise, co founder of the Ghetto Funk brand and standby voice over guy for Ray Winstone when he has a cold, head back, laughing like a proper evil mastermind, filling the pot with a steady stream of fat bassy sausages, freshly chopped from the passenger door of Vinnie Jones' P6 Rover. Robin Parris, Jalapeno artist and close up body double for Sharon Stone in the 'leg crossing scene' from Basic Instinct, head back, laughing like a proper evil mastermind, shouting 'Keep it low and keep it blue!' as he squats down and drapes his magnificent balls once more onto the chin of a PVC clad Noel Edmunds tightly strapped into a fisting swing. MC Profit, nominated best MC/Vocalist and Miss Piggy's private handler when she performs anywhere outside of the U.S, head back, laughing like a proper evil mastermind, straining lyrics through the stretched gussets of all the tights stolen from the dressing room after a riverdance concert. Finally picture Justin Harris (Freaks) staring straight at you with cold, calculating eyes whilst casually fingering his heavy blaster pistol under the table...


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