Lost And Leaving is track 06 from the EP "I Kissed The Sun" which is available on Shabu Recordings.


This is an official audio stream from Shabu Recordings. Distributed by Kudos.

About This Release:

I Kissed the Sun is Norwell's debut EP. Previously known as Elbow Room, this Budapest-based producer is one of the men behind the fledgling label Farbwechsel and is one of the newest additions to Shabu Recordings' roster. I Kissed the Sun is a 7 tracks EP inspired by 70s Kosmiche Musik, applied to modern elements of electronic music.

While Bloom's path is pointing towards a challenged dancefloor during peak time, songs like I Kissed the Sun, Lost and Leaving and Untitled float in that limbo where the boundaries of «listening music», «intro-of-a- set» and «clearly-this-will-bring-arms-in-the-air music» are blurry.

For this occasion, Shabu hosts the works of three new artists for the remixes. Bloom gets a Groj (a.k.a. the French/Montrealer producer behind many hits in the past 2 years) and a S Olbricht (a.k.a. the other man behind Farbwechsel) treatment. While S Olbricht goes down the path of a deeper retake on Bloom reminiscent of Detroit Techno, Groj goes into a 10 minutes synth-fest strolling into the Kosmiche and Shoegaze territories. Finally, Imre Kiss re-imagines Lost and Leaving into a daydreaming-friendly, almost-rock-but-not-totally adventure where we saw a couple of pink clouds the last time we went there.

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