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Pantera were an American Thrash Metal band from Arlington, Texas. Formed by the Abbott brothers, Vincent and Darrell in 1981,Rex Brown would join in late 1981 with vocalist Terry Glaze. Looking for a new and heavier sound, Pantera had Terry replaced in 1987 with Phil Anselmo as the new vocalist. "Revolution is My Name" was the first single from the band's final album, Reinventing the Steel. The video was directed by Jim Van Bebber and produced by Grant Cihlar for 1171 Production Group. The video is a mix of various elements: between performances from the band and live footage, it also contains comical snippets of a sitcom-esque interpretation of the band's childhood, where the musicians are portrayed as small kids (with facial hair included) listening to Led and ZZ Top while jumping on the bed and playing oversized instruments. The video also includes flashes of the band's influences such as Black Sabbath and KISS. The song reached number 28 on the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song was nominated for Best Metal Performance in the 2001 Grammys. The music video was voted as the 15th Greatest Metal Video of the 21st Century on HeadBanger’s Ball in 2005.

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