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Matt K Von and Jonny Castro, an Australian duo originating from Newcastle and Adelaide respectively, met two years ago at a boring shindig. After thirty minutes they left the less-than-party, went home, got arty and made their first track, ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’. Previous to this less-than spectacular meet and before forming Parachute Youth, Matt worked as an Avionics Technician in the air force, working on jet fighters (hence the name Parachute Youth). Johnny had played at festivals such as Big Day Out with local outfit Def Starr (playing synth), making a bit of noise with their remix of Phoenix ‘Fences’. After some months the boys left their hometowns, girlfriends, sold their cars and moved to Paris.In the two years since the boys first worked together they teamed up with a completely blown away Ajax from ‘Sweat it Out Records’ (begging them to come back from France) to finish ‘Can’t Get Better Than This’. At times it was a difficult process, Sweat not wanting to curb the raw appeal of the group, but in the end Parachute Youth prevailed. A wonderfully hypnotic celebration of life, a song soaring with unbridled joy, dark melancholy and drama reverbed. Although the boys cite their influences as Joy Division / New Order, The Human League, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and The Stone Roses, the sound is completely modern and contemporary, swallowing up huge tracts of musical vision, and providing more goose bumps than a Christmas feast. Upon sending it to a few friends, the single quickly spread! ‘Can't Get Better Than This’ was the first played song on Triple J radio in 2012, played after the stroke of midnight in celebration of the year ahead. It has now been one of the most played and requested tracks on Triple J, with the film clip now on Channel V and MTV. The insanely magnificent accompanying film clip shot by Julien Paolini served up nearly 500,000 views in just ten days on YouTube. Julien travelled to Burkina Faso, under security escort, in helicopters, to hire kids to play out a drama (that actually occurs annually but was cancelled due to civil strife) in this troubled African republic. Beyond the ever growing Internet hype the band are receiving, Empire Of the Sun, heard it, loved it and posted it up on their social media! When bands don't talk about themselves you know it must be something special.

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